” A party without a cake is just a meeting” – Julia Child

Looking for a cake that will “WOW” your guests and taste great?

We offer both!


Sweet Melissa specializes in designer wedding cakes.

Melissa can create a customized wedding cake design just for you .

 We suggest sending photos of some of your favorites , and we can come up with a design that suits your style, wedding theme, and budget. *Custom sketches offered for wedding cakes of 100 servings or more ONLY.*

 We also specialize in dessert spreads such as coordinating cupcakes,

cake pops, and mini desserts.

This is a great option to please a crowd, and we can help you create that

“Pinterest” worthy table display!  * PLEASE NOTE:  due to STAFFING, we ONLY DELIVER for those ordering a LARGE or complicated cake of $400/ 80 servings or MORE. ALL ELSE must be PICKED UP.



  • Step 1:  CHECK AVAILABILITY CALENDAR. Send us an inquiry form with your wedding DATE, approximate amount of servings you are looking for,

    delivery location (if needed),  and your color scheme/ theme. Availability is also based on LOCATION of the delivery, so this is

    important to know right away. Please remember: Delivery is ONLY offered to those ordering a cake 80 servings or more, or $400 and up. We will not deliver small cakes and cupcakes.

  • Step 2: Once you have heard back from us regarding availability and pricing, let us know if you would like us to work you up a formal estimate.

  • Step 3: Review your estimate, and let us know if you need to adjust anything.

    Nothing is boked until a deposit is paid. A deposit is 50% of the estimate.

  • Step 4: check in with us a few months prior to the wedding to set up a date to pick up your wedding cake tasting box (Cake tastings are offered to those who have booked with a deposit, and for those ordering a cake of 80 servings or more ONLY). You have up until 2 weeks prior to firm up flavors. We can also suggest flavors for you.  

  • Step 5: firm up all loose ends: be sure we have contact info correct, timing, location, flavor etc.. just as you like it!  

    Final payment is due 10 days prior to event.


At this time, we are NOT offering wedding tastings in person.  

A tasting/ sample box is ONLY for those who

have already BOOKED and paid a deposit with us,

and they must be ordering a wedding CAKE of 80 or more servings.

We do not offer any tastings for those just ordering cupcakes, a small cake, or a dessert table.


  Tasting boxes are available on Saturdays or Sundays only, and are $20. 

This is a TO-GO tasting box, you sample at home.

We need a 5 day lead time for this. 

Included in this is a variety of cakes and fillings in

our most popular Wedding Cake Flavors.

We suggest doing this 2-3 months prior to your event

(not too far out, you will forget the flavors:))



If you are still shopping around for a cake, we suggest you ask us for a QUOTE for what you are looking for in an email FIRST, as well as have us check availability.

  Please do not request a tasting if you are still not sure if you would like to book with us. 

We only offer tastings to those  who have already booked.

This is only meant for those who need help in deciding what flavors to select- this is not meant to try us out.

The storefront is loaded daily with items to try if you would like to sample some of our items,

which is what we suggest if you have never tried our products before.


We take our weddings very seriously,

and like to customize each cake/ dessert spread for each and every Bride.   

We are not a bulk bakery, and only take a limited amount of orders per weekend

so that we can FOCUS on your event. 

Our Facebook page has many photos of our work for you to review.

  We can also replicate just about anything you can find that inspires you. 

Once we work up a quote for you, we will email this to you to pay the deposit and lock in the date.

Flavor selections can be made up to two weeks prior to the event,

so there is no rush on this!


** DELIVERY is $2 per mile round trip on average (unless a remote location which may be an upcharge).

WE ONLY DELIVER for cakes over $500/ 80 servings and up.

If delivery location is located on large hill, or sloped area, we will have to build a more secure structure in the cake so that it transports safely, which will also affect the pricing.

*We DO NOT suggest any cake to remain outdoors during any event where it is over 75 degrees outside.


*Fresh flowers are provided by the Bride or the florist: we DO NOT provide fresh flowers.

We prefer to have the flowers the day prior, or that am. 

IF we cannot get the ahead of time and have to add them at delivery, we charge an additional $50, since we have to send a cake artist to do the delivery.







    (**PLEASE NOTE:DUE TO STAFF VACATIONS: ALL ORDERS from JULY 22-August 12th MUST BE FINALIZED PRIOR TO JULY 18th ! (cakes, cupcakes, pops etc..)) THIS IS THE FINAL CUT OFF TO PLACE ORDERS FOR THESE DATES so we can plan accordingly**
    (required) means we MUST have this information, or we cannot help you further.



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