Rich & Delicious! ALL iced with REAL American Buttercream- Butter, Heavy Cream, Vanilla bean and sugar is the BASE for ALL these cupcakes.  SOME have fillings to complete the flavor profile.

See Cupcake Care Below


Standard Dessert Style Pricing

 Half Dozen Pricing: $17.00

Dozen Pricing: $32.00 Standard Size



Mini Cupcakes

1 flavor per tray of 24 minis can be selected.

Mini cupcakes are $24 for 1 tray of 24 mini cupcakes or

$22 per tray if ordering more than 1 at a time.




MINIMUM order is 6 cupcakes (ONE flavor).

Mini cupcakes are ONE flavor per tray of 24.

The listed cupcakes below are just some flavors that we offer, and some are seasonal.

Standard Dessert Style cupcakes are carried in store DAILY.

The following list of flavors are our DESSERT STYLE cupcakes.

These CANNOT be done in a color scheme: they will look like the flavor they are.
The combo of the icing and cupcake ARE WHAT CREATE THE FLAVOR.
PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR THESE IN A COLOR SCHEME OR DESIGN- it is not possible. If you want a color scheme, you select from the custom order menu, and build your own cupcake.


Vanilla Salted Caramel-

vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream with “pool” of Salted caramel sauce

Classic Wedding Cake-

vanilla cake, lemon almond buttercream

Raspberry Filled Wedding Cake-

vanilla cake, lemon almond buttercream, raspberry jam fill

Raspberry Swirl Vanilla-

vanilla cake, raspberry jam filling, raspberry swirled icing

Strawberries ‘n Cream-

strawberry cake, strawberry buttercream

Plain Jane Vanilla

vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream


chocolate cake, vanilla icing, chocolate chip topping

Chocolate Iced Party Cake-

Vanilla confetti Cake with Chocolate Icing

Chocolate Peanut Butter-

chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, chocolate sauce & chips

Cookies & Cream-

oreo cupcake, oreo buttercream, topped with oreo chunks

Red Velvet-

red velvet cake, vanilla buttercream (add cream cheese filling if desired!)

Lemon Butter-

lemon cake, vanilla buttercream

Lemon Raspberry-

lemon cake, raspberry jam filling, raspberry swirled icing

Coconut Cream-

vanilla cake, coconut custard fill, iced vanilla and rolled in coconut

Toasted Coconut-

vanilla cake, iced vanilla, rolled in toasted coconut

Toasted Coconut Caramel-

vanilla cake, iced vanilla, rolled in toasted coconut, caramel sauce

Death by Chocolate-

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips

Chocolate Salted Caramel-

chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, “pool” of caramel sauce

Cookie Dough-

vanilla cake, cookie dough buttercream, cookie bits


vanilla cake, filled with marshmallow, vanilla icing, chocolate sauce, rolled in graham


chocolate cake, peanut butter icing, caramel sauce and peanuts

Strawberry Lemonade-

lemon cake, strawberry buttercream

Mint Chip-

chocolate cake, mint chip icing

Hot Fudge Sundae-

chocolate cake, vanilla icing, sprinkles, wet nuts & chocolate sauce

Banana Pudding-

vanilla cake, pudding filled, banana buttercream, banana and vanilla cookie top

Vanilla Pudding-

vanilla cake, pudding fill, vanilla buttercream

Worms ‘n Dirt-

chocolate cake, pudding fill, chocolate buttercream, oreo dirt, gummy worms

Candy Shoppe-

chocolate cake, vanilla icing and assorted candy topping

Caramel Latte-

vanilla cake, latte buttercream, caramel drizzle

Caramel Mocha Latte-

chocolate cake, latte buttercream, caramel drizzle


vanilla cake, vanilla icing topper with cinnamon sugar

Cinnamon Roll-

cinnamon cake, cream cheese fill, vanilla icing, cinnamon sugar

French Toast-

butter pecan cake, maple cinnamon buttercream, maple syrup

Butter Pecan-

butter pecan cake, butter pecan buttercream

Heart Attack Brownie-

brownie, topped with chocolate buttercream, choc. sauce, and chips

Turtle Brownie-

brownie, chocolate buttercream, caramel, and pecans

Peppermint Bark-

vanilla cake, peppermint bark buttercream, chocolate drizzle, mint pieces

Cake Batter-

vanilla cake, cake batter buttercream, confetti sprinkles

Boston Cream-

vanilla cake, bavarian filling, chocolate icing


vanilla cake, espresso buttercream, cocoa dusted with ladyfinger

Strawberry Shortcake w/fresh Strawberries***

vanilla cake, bavarian fill, vanilla buttercream and strawberry piece on top

Pineapple Upside Down***

pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar buttercream

Apple Pie***

vanilla cake, apple pie filling, cinnamon buttercream

(*** minimum of 1 dozen or one tray minis):

Want a custom colored icing or design?

You will be selecting from our custom cupcake menu ( please see attachment below!)


  Come in store and select from what we have that day!



Custom fondant cupcake toppers can be made to suit any style or theme, and we can do just about anything with buttercream.

Please fill out our Contact Us form for pricing info.

Custom cupcakes like these DO NEED more lead time

(7 day minimum), and dates do fill!

They can be iced in any color, glittery,

or bedazzled any way you would like!

Cupcakes can also be shaped into a number, letter or other shape

on a board for a cupcake “Cake”.  

Pricing for these are based on how many cupcakes, and level of detail. Please email us for exact pricing, and send us photos of your ideas! When doing a pull apart cake, this starts at 12 cupcakes for $48.  2 Dozen on a tray starts at $85. 1 Board holds up to 36 cupcakes.




Please contact us for pricing and further info!


Cupcakes are fresh for ONE DAY. This is 24 HOURS.  Please do not pick up your cupcakes the day PRIOR to your event, as these are meant to be enjoyed the DAY they are made!

(no preservatives!)

These can be FROZEN to extend their shelf life.

Keep fresh cupcakes at room temperature for the best texture.

olatSalted Ca

Snickerdoodleed Velvet
Red Velvet Raspberry
Cookies n Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Death By Chocolate
Double Chocolate Mint
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Swirl
French Toas
Very Vanilla
Coffee Toffee
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Strawberries n Cream
Lemon Butter
Lemon Raspberry
Coconut Cream

PB & J
Strawberries n cream
Butter pecan
Chocolate chip cookie dough
White chocolate raspberry
Chocolate raspberry
Chocolate hazelnut crunch
Banana pudding
Thin mint